The Harvest Has Begun

by Blade of Terror

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Blade of Terror was the thrash-death act, with heavy riffing and a dose of melody. Main inspirations were Slayer, Death, Pantera, Metallica, Sepultura, Nevermore, Megadeth.

In March 2004 two local bands came together and and as one they became known as Blade of Terror. The founding members were Tomek (currently known as Eldricht), Pakk and Grabb. After few line-up changes those drunkards hit the stage (check out here

In 2007 we have recorded first official demo "The Harvest Has Begun" (Tomek, Grabb, Boletz and Urded) and performed a few cool gigs to promote it, including Czech Republic. In 2008 Volsky replaced Urded on bass guitar, and together with our friends from Minerva we toured Poland, performing in Warsaw, Cracow, Resovia, Sandomierz, Nowy Sącz, Tarnobrzeg, Stalowa Wola and Tarnow.

2009 was mainly writing new stuff and playing gigs - as well as being lazy. After a few months break, we re-joined in 2010 (Lipa replaced Volsky) and played a few more gigs. In December 2010 we played our last gig together.

During BoT's existence we had an honour to play with dozens of great bands, including: Kat & Roman Kostrzewski, Virgin Snatch, Sceptic, Pyorhoea, Pandemonium, Hedfirst, Vedonist, Face of Reality, Terrordome, Lostbone, Vermin (Netherlands), Insurrection Down (Brasil) and Morda (Belgium). We salute them and hope you guys like them as well.

Currently each of us has his own thing:
Grabb (known as Vincent Vega) plays drums in Corruption and Spirit,
Boletz plays solo and sings acoustic stuff in Warsaw pubs,
Tomek (knwon as Eldricht) screams his ass out in Unsaint
Volsky plays guitar in Ugly 10,
Flisak wanders around little known places in Warsaw and takes awesome photos
Urded - all work no play...
Lipa - plays bass in Minetaur

A few live performances worth watching:


released June 1, 2007



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Blade of Terror Warsaw, Poland

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Track Name: There Comes The Firestorm
There Comes the Firestorm

Life sparks with fierce creation
Dirty face of being is unleashed
It occurs as rays feed the flame
Cells divide, burning themselves

Suffering breeds slowly
As the sun arises again
The breath of life deceives
You cannot kill the flame

It transforms, mutates - it bleeds
Jolting, imprisoned by the helix of time
A tissue forming consciousness
Isn't it a hell to know your end?

I stand alone, Lethe on my lips
So real, but untouchable
A forgetful dream, I fear
I shape darkness into oblivion
Track Name: Laughter

You can see it dim
As it flows away
Into the light of dusk
Somewhere within your eyes

It's a state you know well
When everything's clear
Lifeless future it brings
Laughter fades as it chills...

You are dead
You’re dead

Haste, as you run out
of time which is left
makes you think of what
has ever really meant
Have you ever touched
the flesh of life itself?
Was it within your reach?
You have never tried...


Never, never knowing - when it comes

You can see inside
Your reflection divides
Dividing you and yourself
Laughing, as you are dead...

You are dead
You’re dead
Track Name: Maze of Lunatics
Maze of Lunatics

I see them all
Stepping into the fire
They are like moths
Flames are growing higher
Blinded and searching
Inside the maze
Lonely in crowd
Approaches: The Black Dawn

I can see the arc light
But there is no brightness

I smell the dead sun
Where are we now?


Is that destiny?
An endless puzzle
No escape
Just death within fire
No logic, No peace,
No liberation
Sanity's annihilation!


I see them all
Stepping into fire
They are like moths
Flames are growing higher!
Track Name: Celebrate the End
Celebrate The End

Dust falls through palms
As time goes by
Darkened skies above
Laugh as we turn to stone
Instincts against values
They’re struggling when the rest is gone
The Jester and the Lizard
Feast as empires fall

The crux is eternity
Oblivion is key
Pale, grey faces
Take their last gaze at the bridge of fear
Twitching, meaningless
Stuck within reality
Feel the rhythm of the universe
Then fade away

Celebrate the end
While falling
Celebrate the end
Fall into dust

Awaiting the last mile
We'll walk it – heads held high!
The vessel of sorrow and a glass of wine
And the peace of mind
Duality of soul
Finally merges into one
Just a step into darkness
Embracing the unknown

Celebrate the end
While falling
Celebrate the end
Fall into dust
Track Name: Road to Perdition
The Road to Perdition

To words that aren't yours
To words that enslave
To words that lead towards destruction

It's always the same – you follow the scheme
Bow to the ones that know better
All you can see is what you are shown
You don't look beyond

Heed! Is it all that you need?
You're useful enough for the ones that pull strings

Bow and rejoice!
Bow and rejoice!
Bow and rejoice!
Down on your knees

Regardless of matter
It becomes your creed
You follow the rules
That make you believe in a lie
Make it the meaning of your whole life
Is it worth it?

You want to be a righteous man
You follow the mob which is blind
As you follow it breeds
Upon the graves of the weak
Dreaming of strength

Now you walk
On the road to perdition
The road to perdition!

The road to perdition is built up upon you